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Radiology and Imaging

One of the most important developments in the field of radiology is the beginning of the performance of the   radiography transaction in the digital environment. The most important reasons for using digital systems are the ability to access to the image rapidly, the quality of the image and the ease of storage and transmission of the image. In digital radiology, image receivers, that is, sensors, replace the films used in conventional methods.


A successful oral and dental health treatment is possible only when the correct diagnosis is made. Radiology and imaging devices are one of the most important tools from the diagnosis stage to the treatment and post-treatment process. We have a Kavo Conical Beam Volumetric Tomography device in our clinic.

What are the Usage Areas of Radiology and Imaging Device?

Diagnosis of patients, treatment process and follow-up of treatment process are carried out through the device, which plays an important role in oral and dental health care.

  • For detection of bruises
  • In joint disorders
  • Before and during root canal treatment
  • In tooth and jaw fractures
  • In the follow-up of child dental development processes

Things to Know About Radiology and Imaging

The amount of radiation emitted by the devices used in oral and dental care treatment is very low and at a level, that does not affect human health. However, radiography is not taken for pregnant women and patients who suspect that they are pregnant, unless there is a special circumstance.