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Pink Aesthetics (Gingivoplasty)

An aesthetic smile cannot be achieved only with white and straight teeth. Gums should also be in harmony with these teeth. Aesthetic implementations performed on the gums are called pink aesthetics. Among the elements that complement dental aesthetics, the healthy gums, their color and the level of the gums with the teeth come to mind.


The first step in obtaining a pleasant, clean and harmonious smile consists of ensuring the necessary harmony between teeth and gums. In order for the gums to be defined as healthy, it should be light pink in color, adhere tightly to the tooth and bone, and have a dull and rough appearance resembling an orange peel. The aim of the treatments in aesthetic dentistry is to enable the patient have a perfect smile. Gingivoplasty is very important for smile that can be defined as a perfect smile. To make a pleasant smile, teeth, gums, chin and lips must be in harmony. Depending on the nature of the problem, different operation methods of gingivoplasty can be used. While shaping the gums that appear excessively while smiling, some parts of te gums also need to be reduced a little. (Gummy Smile)

Flap Operations

A procedure concerns both the gums and the supporting tissues and root surfaces under the gums. It is applied in cases with osteoporosis. With this technique, the gums is properly lifted to reach and treat the tissues under it. Thorough cleaning of root surfaces and reduction of periodontal pocket depth is the main goal.

It is important to eliminate these pockets, as the bacteria in the deepening pockets will lead to further bone destruction and tooth loss. After the operation, pocket depths will be reduced or eliminated, thus the patient’s home care and the professional controls by the physician will be facilitated leading to make it possible to maintain periodontal health.


The patient will be enabled to protect his natural teeth and will be protected from general health problems caused by infection caused by the presence of pockets.


It is a procedure that only concerns the gums. It is the cutting and removal of a small amount of gums in order to eliminate the periodontal pocket and gingival enlargement. Thus, the progression of the disease will stop, and the patient will have more aesthetic gums that can be cleaned easily.


With the help of LASER devices developed for soft and hard tissue, some minor surgical procedures can be performed without sutures or even without anesthesia. Aesthetic positioning of gums levels, excision of gingival enlargements, implant opening and frenectomy can be performed easily and without bleeding with LASER.