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Conservative Dentistry

It is the process in which dental caries are removed, the formed cavity is filled with an artificial filling material and the continuity of dental health is ensured. However, x-ray diagnosis is also necessary in caries that have not produced these symptoms yet.


If the decay that starts in the enamel tissue of the tooth is not treated, it progresses to the dentin tissue. Dentin tissue is a structure that dissolves more easily than enamel, and therefore caries progression is rapid.


If the pain has become continuous, it means the decay has reached to the pulp layer where the vascular-nerve package is collected, and root canal treatment is required.

Composite Filling

It is a plastic mixture containing silicon dioxide particles. Thanks to its various colour options, it is not noticeable on the tooth, and is called aesthetic-white filling. The material, which used to be used only in the anterior teeth for a period, was strengthened by various methods and made suitable for the posterior teeth as well. The filling material placed on the tooth using a special bonding agent is hardened with a light device and polished in the same session.

Porcelain Filling (Inley-Onlay)

Impressions are taken from the cavity prepared for porcelain fillings and sent to the laboratory. When the patient comes to the next session, the polished porcelain filling is adhered into the cavity.