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The artificial root material placed in the missing tooth area in our jaws is called an implant. Implant treatment can be applied to a single tooth, or it can be safely applied in cases of absence of multiple teeth or total edentulism.

What is a Dental Implant?

They are artificial tooth roots applied to the jawbone to restore the aesthetics and functions of missing teeth.

To Whom Is Dental Implant Applied?

  • In a single missing tooth after tooth extraction
  • In patients with multiple tooth loss
  • In people with healthy intraoral tissue, that is, suitable for implant application
  • In addition to cases where there is no habit of excessive clenching, in patients with sufficient jawbone dimensions

What are the Criteria to Consider for Successful Implant Treatment?

  • Correct Diagnosis and Correct Treatment
  • Customized Planning Calendar
  • Appropriate Implant Selection
  • General Health Status of the Patient
  • Following the Doctor’s Directions After Implant Treatment
  • Oral and Dental Care
  • Periodic Dentist Checks

What are the Advantages of a Dental Implant?

Dental implants, which are robust, comfortable and reliable, improve the quality of life of patients. The advantages of dental implants to individuals are listed below.

  • It offers an aesthetic and realistic appearance.
  • It helps patients to perform their chewing functions successfully.
  • It reduces the melting that may occur in the jawbone.
  • It eliminates the aesthetic concerns of the patients as it eliminates the necessity of using removable dentures.